Industrial Designer Makes Money From Garbage
5:54 AM | Author: सरकारी नौकरी Sarkari Naukri
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Bangalore, Sep.9 (ANI): An innovative woman industrial designer has designed clay pots to conveniently and hygienically make compost and organic waste at home. These eco-friendly pots basically help prepare and keep organic waste to a value-added product.

With her concept, based on age-old wisdom of utilising waste, Poonam Kasturi has also set up a Daily Dump Company. It designs products and services that manage home waste.

It has a lot to do with how people perceive this. How Indian housewives actually look at waste.

Poonam said: "It has a lot to do with how people perceive this. How Indian housewives actually look at waste. We noticed people were not interested in an expensive product for this purpose beyond rupees 600. Anything beyond it is not paid attention to."

Today,this young entrepreneur is a big a success due to her earthware pots and concept is catching up.

Poonam said: “We didn't want to use a factory production system to produce this specific product. If you want to start something, it has to be really simple. It has to fit and the whole thing of garden and terracotta and even the material is also very good for taking compost."

These attractive earthenware pots, punched with holes for aeration and one set atop another. The Organic compost is filled in the topmost pot and then interchanged as the bulk of the garbage matures and declines.

The units need to be stirred at least once within three to five days. Maintenance involves using natural 'Neem' spray to mask any odour and the addition of an organic culture to accelerate the decomposition process.

A full cycle may take up to two months or more for significant decline in volume. Daily Dump offers service support and information on knowing and segregating home waste. Poonam found a great demand for these eco friendly products in over 100 countries. She claims that her eco-friendly initiative has an advantage in an urban situation.
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