Eco-friendly solar-powered two-wheeler
6:06 AM | Author: सरकारी नौकरी Sarkari Naukri
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Twenty-eight-year old Rafi Alam in New Delhi has designed a two-wheeler that can run on both solar energy as well as wind power. It took Rafi two years to design this scooter and incidentally the final version was ready on the World Environment Day.

With his redesigned two-wheeler he seeks to provide a unique solution to the energy crisis as well as the problem of pollution as the scooter propels itself by using both solar energy and wind power.

The scooter is fitted with a few electrical gadgets and uses both solar and wind energy simultaneously to charge a battery that then runs the vehicle. The solar panel is installed on the front of the vehicle while a fan that delivers wind energy has been mounted on the front wheel cap.

“It's a button operated scooter. There is no mechanism involved and there is only one electrical circuit working. There is a solar panel which charges the battery and this drives the motor which in turn drives the scooter,” said Rafi Alam. For extreme emergencies, the scooter has a small petrol tank but Alam has also ensured that the battery keeps charging itself while the scooter is running on petrol so that the shift can be made after some time.

Once fully charged, vehicle can run between 80 to 100 kilometers at a speed of 50-60 kilometers per hour. As all the innovations come at a price this innovation too has a price tag of 934 US dollars attached to it.

With formal education only up to class IX, Rafi is currently working as a supervisory mechanic at a car workshop in Delhi. Rafi does not want to limit his creativity to scooter only. He wants to replicate the technology on four-wheelers too.
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