An Ecofriendly 100 cc Motorbike That Runs On Air-Pressure
6:21 AM | Author: सरकारी नौकरी Sarkari Naukri
"The idea of an air bike was conceived as our energy resources are being depleted day-by-day and pollution level is rising" Keeping all this in mind A group of students from the Auto Engineering Department at the Guru Nanak Dev Polytechnic College in Ludhiana have invented an eco-friendly motorbike which runs on air-pressure and doesn't require fuel. have designed a 100cc bike which runs on air pressure technique.

Meet Akshdeep Singh, Balbir Singh, Bhoninder Bir Singh and Arshdeep Singh, final-year automobile engineering students of Guru Nanak Dev Polytechnic College (GNDPC), who came up with the unique endeavour as part of a project of their curriculum.

The 100 cc bike, which the students claim to be the world's first 100cc motorcycle powered by air and can help eliminate pollution to a great extent, is equipped with two compressed air cylinders, gives a mileage of 11 miles per hour, which the students have plans to increase with some changes in near future. The 100cc bike currently runs at a speed of 18km per hour, but the students hope to make it faster.

The main advantage of Air Bike:
• It is pollution-free as its exhaust is cold air.
•The Defense personnel can also use the bike, as thermal radiation cameras cannot detect it.
• The engine of this bike can work underwater and breathes air from its storage tank, which in turn sucks it from the atmosphere.

Akshdeep said they completed the project in nearly three months at a cost of about Rs 40,000. “All through its making, we never enjoyed Sundays or any other holiday. We used to work for more than six to seven hours a day after college,” he added. Ecstatic over their achievement, Balbir Singh, another student, said, “The entire world is crying over fuel crisis and pollution, so we decided to invent something which could be run without using fuel. We wanted to make something eco-friendly.”Arshdeep Singh, said, “We used an engine of 100CC in the bike. When we provide air pressure, the bike’s piston moves downward and it works. Likewise, Bhoninder Bir Singh, said, “We have set an example but many new features can be added to our machine. We were looking for some sponsors but nobody came forward.”

Many of us might question what is so special in these bikes. There are other eco-friendly bikes, which run on batteries. The answer is that a lot of time is spent in charging them. In an air bike, you just need to fill air through a compressor. We have proved that air pressure can be used to run a vehicle and now if any company approaches us, we would definitely like to share the idea. They said the sole aim of his life was to give a new definition to automobile industry.
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