Environment Has An Impact On Fertility
6:00 AM | Author: सरकारी नौकरी Sarkari Naukri
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Chennai : Believe it or not, the environment around you has an impact on your fertility. Chemicals, toxins, and pesticides could find their way into one's system and wreak havoc on the fertility, especially among the males.

This was the starling findings of a study done by the Fertility Centre at Kovai Medical Centre and Hospital, Coimbatore. The study conducted by the centre with a sample size of 200 males, drawn from urban and rural areas of the district, revealed that environmental hazards could contribute to infertility among men.

The study demonstrated as how environmental hazards and chemicals, especially cadmium could cause infertility in men, Director of the centre and Consultant in Reproductive Medicine, Dr C V Kannaki Uthraraj told UNI.

"After ruling out genetic and hereditary factors, we found that pollution, caused by chemicals and pesticides were the major cause for infertility among men," she said. It was more shocking that the pollution related infertility was prevalent even among rural men, who were not exposed to any major environmental hazards.

A closer look, however, revealed that handling of pesticides by them could be the reason for this, she said, adding unlike many other toxins, pesticides are well known to cause health and reproductive problems. The study also proved that cadmium level was very high in 200 km radius in the district.

The centre proposed to undertake a bigger study with the help of a sponsor "to look deeper" and find whether the problem was widespread, throughout the state.
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